O4E takes on “Curb Appeal”

O4E, it’s in role engaging the community and listening, heard loud and clear that we want our schools to have better curb appeal. We know they are a critical part of each neighborhood it resides in and we want to be proud of their appearance. We also know that with budget cutbacks and resource limitations, the school district is challenged to keep the schools looking their best – and we appreciate their focus on the work taking place inside the schools!

With that O4E has taken on the challenge to help the schools!

The “curb appeal project” as we call it, ┬áis a project to enhance the curb appeal of the neighborhood schools. Curb appeal will increase property values of homes in the area and most importantly show pride in all of our public schools. Schools today are taking on more than just education from 8-4. They may take on a neighborhood multipurpose facility outside of the daily classroom activities.

Proud to thank our partners!

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