Wish List

Let’s put your name next to these transformational donations for our schools!


School Project Cost Donor
Carl Traeger Elementary Baseball field, need fill, bases, fence repair, dirt behind backstop and the outfield $15,575
Franklin Baseball diamond needs sand and repainted backdrop $15,575
Roosevelt Redo baseball diamond (below grade collects water) $15,575
Shapiro STEM Baseball Diamond freshening 15575
Jefferson Ball diamond with bases – dirt skinned infield (dig and refill with appropriate material) $18,000
Merrill Playground equipment 5000
Tipler/ALPS Replace small playground items 2500
Roosevelt Replace playground fencing 5000
Shapiro STEM Playground – replace pea gravel with rubber surface 8000
Shapiro STEM Replace small playground items 2500
Jefferson New school sign $12,000
Jefferson Marquee for building 12000
Oakwood Sign on Old Oakwood Road 12000
Roosevelt Lighting in front of school 5000
Roosevelt New lit front school sign 12000
Shapiro STEM New Front Sign 12000
Tipler/ALPS New sign reflecting ALPS 12000
Read New front sign 12000
Roosevelt Gazebo for shade $15,000
South Park Gazebo back of school for shade $15,000
Emmeline Define edge around playground perimeter and pathway connecting both mulched playground areas 1500
Emmeline New playground equipment 2500 done
Merrill Mini library 500 done OACF donor
Merrill Fence to cover AC Unit on New York 500
Merrill Middle Light for flagpole on New York 1500
Oakwood Surrounding fencing 3500
Osh North Landscape entrance area by Tennis Courts 10000 anon donor
Jefferson Resod along pathway and edges 1000
Shapiro STEM Special Needs Door 2 ADA Ramp $5,000 done
Webster two Zen Garden Benches $1,000

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